Vision & Mission

Our Logo

The logo signifies our sphere of activity and gives clarity for planning our activities, and therein lies the purpose for Aaradhya. It is a beacon for everyone who is associated with the organisation. In any symbol, the letters and the strokes used provide the clue to the observer to make his/her own meaning of the same.

The focus for Aaradhya is on Adult learning which is based on the voluntariness and self-motivation of the learners. The learners decide what they want to learn, when they want to learn and how they want to learn. That being so, it is for you to decide what LeAd represents.

One interpretation, as shared with us: The letter E illustrates a stack of books that support us in an upward journey blending into A – alpha, which denotes the acme of things. Its shape, like a pyramid, draws a lot of energy from the universe and filters the same to its base generously. So the letter A is not only an indicator of the upward journey, but also a very efficient filter to draw out the positive energy and fill the volume of the structure under its tip.


Enhance Learning Enjoyment through our Solutions and Relationships


Lead Solutions recognizes that every adult is an individual and that ALL individuals are creative and that all want to succeed. Our mission is to work with their active, creative minds and help them come into confident possession of their potential and improve their skills. We choose to use innovative methods to ensure lifelong learning through varied instructional strategies.



We believe that every individual has the inherent ability and the potential to learn, adapt and succeed in all environments. The success of any development process is highly dependent on the individual. We believe that Individuals are committed to their own growth by putting effort in learning, practicing and mastering the skills and knowledge ‘during’ and ‘after’ the training and development activities. Learning Solutions, therefore, includes activities at various points / intervals during the learning phase.

Integrity in Inquiry and Knowledge

Integral to Adult Learning is intellectual enquiry. We believe that as learners we should be prepared to accept the results of the enquiry regardless of our own personal interest in the outcome; thereby submitting ourselves to a larger whole and wider judgment.


Innovative Learning and Training is not an experiment. It’s how individuals have ‘learned’ to function in the world for centuries.