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Counselling offers an opportunity to talk confidentially to someone impartial, so you are free to explore your feelings and be supported without judgement. Because everyone is different, a counsellor does not simply dish out advice – the discussions in counselling are aimed at helping you understand what is going on for you and what would help you best.

Stress Management through Energy Medicine

Energy medicine represents a small fraction in the world of healthcare industry and contributes to what is referred to as ‘alternative therapies’ in the world of conventional health care models. David Feinstein, clinical psychologist, talks about the 6 properties of energy medicine and in its role of stress management (..and we quote)

  • Can address biological processes at their energetic levels
  • Regulates biological processes with precision, speed and flexibility
  • Fosters health and prevents illness with interventions that are easily available
  • Economical and non-invasive
  • Includes methods that are at home and requires daily dedicated and diligent practice
  • Strengthens the integration between the body, mind and spirit

LeAD Solutions adopts the philosophy and processes in its training programs and therapies on stress management.