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Leadership Training

Leadership involves a group, team, organization or a community – in other words it involves other people. It is not possible for leaders to accomplish something alone. Thus, it stands to reason that leaders need to pay close attention to the people that they influence / want to influence, and to those who will be impacted by their decisions and their actions. The most common distractions for Leaders have often been the goals that THEY seek and the power that THEY yield. Over a period of time, for various reasons, the immediate need to meet our goals, the need to survive, matter a lot more than the way we feel about each other, ourselves and our behaviour to each other.

Our Leadership programs/ workshops is influenced by the thoughts of * S. Frank, Carol Carlin and Jack Christ on Collaborative Leadership. They identify the core of collaborative leadership in the foundational beliefs of:

leadership skills

Everybody has the capacity to lead

leadership qualities

Increasingly, leadership will come not from a position of authority, but from within a group

Client communication, leadership training course

Leadership takes place within the context of relationships

transformational leadership

In order to learn how to lead, one must have the opportunity to lead

leadership training

Leadership involves risk taking

Team Leaders

Leadership involves an action orientation

Ideal leadership

Learning to be a leader is a lifelong journey that begins with the question, “What is Leadership?”

The objective of our programs and workshops is to work with individual(s) to reflect on the biases of traditional vs collaborative leadership and identify ways to move towards the latter.